Uniforms in Flood Book Union School

Uniforms are for soldiers , not for students! Students at Flood Brook should all be allowed to wear regular clothes and not uniforms. Uniforms are ugly. Uniforms take away a student’s self-expression. Finally, uniforms would make students unhappy which would result in a school full of sad kids. Uniforms are ugly because they are itchy. Students might be allergic  to the material . Maybe  the uniforms that Flood Brook chooses are not flattering to some people. It is important for students to dress comfortable for the day’s weather. Uniforms might be too cold to wear in the winter or they might be too hot in the summer. Students might not be comfortable at all in the uniforms. Its important for students to pick out their own cloths because it allows them to express them selfs. 



  1. bayrone1

    are we geting the uniforms

    • No Bayrone we are not getting the uniforms

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