Adele’s songs are Set Fire To The Rain, Someone Like You, Rolling In Deep, Frist Love, Cold Shoulder, Crazy For You, He Won’t Go, Take It All, Turing Tables , One And Only, And Hometown Glory. Theses are all the songs that I know. Adele is a singer that has a good voice. Adele has an english accent. she has a garet voice. Here is a song that Adele is singing its called Set Fire To The Rain. Adele is has a good accent and she looks like she is a modle and how she is in this photo. She looks like she has a good family. I love how she is a good singer and not a bad one. I want to sing like her and have a accent like her. But will never happen.



  1. Hello Paige,
    I really like Adele too! She has a very good voice. She is also pretty. I like your blog!

  2. Hey Paige, I like what you have done with your blog. It’s real cool! Come visit me at my blog at (:

  3. Hey Paige. I really like what you have done with your blog! Have a great day. (:

  4. Mr. H

    You’ll never get the English accent, unless you move to England. However, it’s a bit too soon to decide that you’ll never have a voice like hers. Why did you say it looks like she comes from a good family?

    Mr. H

    • Yea I know and I will never move to England.

      Thanks Mr.H

    • Because she look heathly. And now she’s in the hospital.

  5. Paige I love so many songs by her, your right she does look like a model in the picture and she does have a great voice. My favorite song by her is chasing pavements.
    Keep posting.

    • I will and i like how your blog is and thanks.

  6. paisley2

    Hey Paige I really like your post! I love Adele too she is so talented and if you wanted to know more song here are some,rumor has it and don’t you remember. Come read my blog.

    • Ok thanks paisley I will look at your blog. 🙂

  7. Paige you do your blog based off your favorite music wich is fine but try doing a post about Artist you dont like for say eminem or a country singer, this way your blog will appeal to a more widespread audience – Drew

    • Thanks Drew and yes I will do my next post on a country singer ok thanks, -Paige

    • Mr. H

      Great point Drew!

      Mr. H

      • ya I know Mr.H and im making a post on Carrie Underwood so you will like it and thanks. Paige

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