Katy Perry !!!!!!!:)

What do you like about Katy Perry. What song do you like by Katy Perry?  Katy Perry is a good singer and I like her do you like her? How do you like her? Her songs or One That Got Away, Fire Works, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, Waking up in Vages, ET ft Kanye west, And Hot N Cold. These are all the songs that I know. She has a good voice. I think. Do u think that she has a good voies? She is a good singer and i have a video of  The One That Got Away.




  1. I can’t say I’m a fan of her. I’m not convinced if she really sings, or lip-synch during her performances. I also wonder if her studio recordings are highly digitally enhanced.

    • YA I know and im trying to look for more things about her.

  2. This was really interesting. I like how you had a video to watch on it. My name is Paige to and I really like music also.

    • Really and i love my name sooooooooooo much and yes I loved when I put the video on. And thank you for commenting on my post 🙂

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