Megan’s Fashion

Ok so my friend Megan she is a good fashion gril because she looks like she is going to a fashion show. So lets talk about how she looks and how she dress’s. When today she is waring a pink skirt and a white sweat shirt. It looks good on her so she is going to go to soccer tomorrow and she is going to look like a professional because she looks like a real soccer player. Well lets talk about how she dress’s for a little bit. Ok so she has a good tast on cloths so yesterday she jeans on but after she but her shorts on and then she looked liked she was going to a soccer game but she wasent. But she did not have any soccer cleats on or noun of her shin gords or her socks.


Prom Dress

Prom dress are so pretty. They are only for Prom. Well I have never been to a prom so I do not know a lot about proms or prom dress so I can’t tell you a lot about prom dress because I have never warn a prom dress. But I wish I can go to prom but I’m not old enough. Im in 6th Grade so I have a long time intill prom so ya. Well my sister she wanted to go to prom but she was in 9th grade and you can’t go to prom she has to get asked to go to prom by a 11th grader. But she did not get asked and I fell bad for her because she really wanted to go to prom. And she had a prom dress picked out. But she did not get it because she did not go to the prom. Ok so you see how I was talking about my sister wanting to go to prom she was like I want to go to prom but she did not get asked. Ok so I love how I’m talking about prom but I have never been to prom. Well next year my friend Anna I hope she will get asked to the prom next year. There is a movie called prom and its a really good movie.

Angelina jolies Fashion

Angelina jolies fashion is a good why to dress. She wears a long dress when she was on the red carpet. she was with her husband Brad Pitt. She was called the most beautiful woman in the world. Well her fashion i was talking about. Well she was in the movie salt and she had white hair at that time. She is a grate actresses  because she is in a lot of movies. I do not know what movies she has been in but I do know one movie i mengend it before its called Salt. My teacher he loves her and hes  so funny when he talk’s about her because he want’s  to marrie her but he get’s mad because Brad Pit is marrying her.And when he talks about her the class laughs.

Uniforms in Flood Book Union School

Uniforms are for soldiers , not for students! Students at Flood Brook should all be allowed to wear regular clothes and not uniforms. Uniforms are ugly. Uniforms take away a student’s self-expression. Finally, uniforms would make students unhappy which would result in a school full of sad kids. Uniforms are ugly because they are itchy. Students might be allergic  to the material . Maybe  the uniforms that Flood Brook chooses are not flattering to some people. It is important for students to dress comfortable for the day’s weather. Uniforms might be too cold to wear in the winter or they might be too hot in the summer. Students might not be comfortable at all in the uniforms. Its important for students to pick out their own cloths because it allows them to express them selfs. 

The Fashion Cassie

Cassie is the a good fashion designer and she has a good tast of clothes because today she is wearing cute cloths and she is

wearing a striped long shirt  and she  is wearing jeans with Convers that are Dark Blue and have white  lases. And she is going to

be a great person that wears cute cloths . And her pants.

And her shoes.

Paisley’s Fashion


 You are the best fashion girly girl and you look like you are going to a fashion show and you are going to be in a fashion show and

you are going to be like a lady that had never been in a fashion show. So you should be in a show that you can design your own 

clothes.  That you have the best tast of fashion and you are the best fashion girly girl in the world.



Snow Pants

Snow pants are made for snow not summer or not for spring.

And they are comfy  and worm  so if you want to wear them derring  the winter go ahead and do it.

Here are a pear of snow pants. And they come in different colors and

different sizes so if you want to get some them you want to get  them in your size and color.


Girls in 6th grade,

I suggest  that you wear earring and bracelets  and all that kind of stuff so you look pretty.

And if you are going to dances you have to put on earrings and bracelets and makeup and you have to wear a dress.

So you no all the accessories and if you do not know what they are here they are Bracelets, Earrings, Rings,

toerings. If you think of anything elas just comment on my blog.


Ladies- I like a pair of Uggs as much as the next girl, however if you want to keep those Uggs looking beautiful for next season switch to muck boots for mud season. “Men” I suggest that you  wear pants at least until there is no snow on the ground. Wearing shorts in the winter makes you look more silly than sporty. Teachers- why stop with ties and skirts? You may get more respect from students if you wore formal wear. Mr. H should wear a tuxedo with tails and a monocule. Ms. Blane should wear a ball gown, high heels and her hair back in a bun. You don’t need to take my advice but you do want to  look good.

Steve Miller Band

I’m doing the Steve Miller Band. Well this is how its going to go my friend Paisley she said “to do the Steve Miller Band” she has heard of this band and she like’s this band, and she know’s all about this band and she 11 years old and she is in 6th grade and here’s her blog Paisley’s blog. I have never heard of this band. Have you? I was looking at  their song Joker its a good song and I was going to put it on my blog and here it is Work Cited